Mon. Nov. 6

Visit Brussels Art-Nouveau

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©Paul Louis

In the 19th century, Belgium’s reputation made Brussels a sumptuous meeting place. At the forefront of the metallurgical industry, the leading producer of cars, and in demand everywhere for railway construction, the country attracted the great and the good of the world. At the invitation of Ernest Solvay – one of our brilliant captains of industry – the Nobel Prize winners (including Einstein) met, for example, at the Hotel Métropole. The best example of this dynamism is the birth of Art Nouveau thanks to the brilliant architect Victor Horta.


Price : €63 / person
Included : guide, entry and visite of the Hôtel Hannon with guide, private bus to tour the Art-Nouveau neighbourhoods (Ixelles and Saint Gilles)
Duration : 3 hours
Group : minimum 20 people

[NB : this visit is also scheduled on Friday November 3 with the Horta Museum instead of the Hôtel Hannnon]

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